Parisian Baguettes, History & Fun Facts

The baguette is a staple of French boulangeries and a symbol of its radiant culture. Its origins date back to the 18-th century, and although the history and true origins of this bread remain a mystery, it has since overtaken bakeries all around the world by storm, celebrated for its especially crunchy texture and length. It is all about its lovely caramel color, crusty exterior when it is still warm, and soft crumb interior. And of course the taste!

The French take bread very seriously, and Parisians are no exception to the point that some people are ready to go far to find the perfect Parisian baguette. It is about 70cm long and about 7cm wide. The word baguette means “wand” in French. In France they are baked daily, and you can buy a baguette in any bakery in Paris.

This delicious traditional bread can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, either in sandwiches or simply with butter. The baguette also exists in a multitude of different forms across the world, with different dough and flours. A notable example on a variation of the traditional baguette is the Vietnamese bánh mì, which uses a high proportion of rice flour. Other countries such as the United States enjoy whole wheat, multigrain or sourdough baguettes.

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