6 Chocolate Treats to Relieve Your Stress

Chocolate is known as a food that can boost your mood and makes you happier than before. The cocoa within chocolate products has the ability to make your brain releases some ‘feel good’ chemicals called Endorphins. When Endorphins interacts with the receptors in your brain, it reduces the perception of pain and trigger a positive feeling in your body. This is why chocolate is the most delicious way to relieve your stress.

In our bakery, we have 7 Chocolate desserts to give you loads of happiness. Let’s check them out, shall we?

Brownie Cookie Dough (https://tsebakery.com/product/brownie-cookie-dough/ )

A magical combination of Brownie Dough, Oreo, and Chocolate Chip. The three irresistible ingredients complete each other, creating a harmonious and delectable taste in a single bite. The texture itself is so amazing with the surprise of Oreo cream on the inside.

Brownies (https://tsebakery.com/product/brownies/ )

This classic cake is ready to indulge your taste buds! The crisp crushed nuts on the surface are perfectly matched with the fudgy texture inside. It feels like home when you eat our Brownies.

Cookies (https://tsebakery.com/product/chewy-double-cookies-choco-chips-cookies/ )

Happiness and Cookies can never be separated. In our place, you can choose between 2 kind of delicious Cookies: the Double Choco Chewy Cookies and the Classic Chocochip Cookie. When you taste the softness of our Cookies, you will never want to stop chewing them! 

Choco Caramel Tart (https://tsebakery.com/product/choco-caramel-tart/ )

This is one of our best-selling desserts, Choco Caramel Tart. Dozens of velvety layers with an intense chocolate flavor and glazed caramel sauce on top, this tart is a reminiscence of those sweet moments in your life. 100% a must-try!

Mini Choco Tart (https://tsebakery.com/product/mini-choco-tart/ )

If you are a fan of canapé, this one is specially made for you! This tart will indulge your mouth with its well-balanced texture of silky chocolate fillings and the crumbly crust. One bite and you can feel the happiness flows in you!

Oatmeal Fudge Bar (https://tsebakery.com/product/oatmeals-fudge-bar/ )

You can eat chocolate and remain healthy with this dessert. It is 100% Gluten-Free, Vegan, and full of antioxidants. The abundant oatmeal will keep you full longer and provide great nutrients for you. Absolutely perfect!

Vegan Choco Coconut (https://tsebakery.com/product/vegan-choco-coconut/ )

A captivating dessert with incredible taste, this vegan dessert is as delicious as it looks. Not only chocolate, you will also be delighted by Raspberry Jam in the middle of the cake. One spoonful Vegan Choco Coconut is a spoonful of joy!

Never wait for happiness. Come and pick up your most favorable Chocolate dessert from The Sweet Escape Bakery! We are open from 8 AM to 4 PM. Please #StaySafe and don’t forget to follow our Instagram at @tsebakery for more information and promotions.