Chocolate, the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift

It’s impossible if we don’t see in every kind of cake shop on 14t february without any display of heart shaped boxes, cupid, pink, red, flower, and a lot of chocolate variant on valentine’s day. Even in this 2022 pandemic situation, many people still celebrate this days of love or romance on 14th february. Valentine’s day became a symbol of love, romance and relationship not just for a couple but for a friend and family too. Mostly people celebrate their valentine’s day by giving someone a gift just like a flower, chocolate, food, and jewelry. 

Chocolate is very special on the Valentine’s Day, it become the ultimate symbol of love. The Mayans were the first people to connecting love and chocolate. In 16th century ruler montezuma drink a lot of cocoa to increase his libido, that’s symbolize chocolate has a strenght to level up desire, happiness, and energy. The science says if consumtion chocolate makes your brain release a pleasure chemical dopamine, which makes you in the mood for love. Chocolate is the ultimate gift for Valentine’s Day and not only as a chocolate bar but there’s chocolate ice cream, chocolate cakes, and chocolate candy. Some people combine their gift with love letter, jewellry, and flower and a chocolate as a main gift to make a romantic looks. 

Let’s say, if there’s no chocolate in the gift box means that is not a perfect valentine’s gift box. The Sweet Escape Bakery is the perfect place to make your perfect gift come true. We have plenty of choices of chocolate cakes and even you can custom your cake just the way you wanted. What’s more fun than custom cake? Healthy cakes! Yes, we also have gluten free options for you who are living a healthy lifestyle. Happy Valentine’s Day!