You Don’t Need Special Occasions, You Need a Special Person

Are you waiting for Valentine’s Day to give someone their favorite chocolate? Or, do you prefer to wait until their birthday to get them a cake with sweet words written on its surface?

Do you know that it’s the random cake that they got on any random day that will leave a bigger impression for them? Not just leaving a positive impression, your gift can make their rough days become better as well!

Then, what kind of food will make their day better? Read more to know our recommendation!

Mini Choco Tart

Everyone knows that chocolate is the sweet escape that will boost their mood instantly … but it can bring them down as the guilt strikes those people who are on their strict dietary program.

Therefore, the mini choco tart will save them from the guilt that they might feel after consuming the chocolate. The limited amount of chocolate will be enough to boost their mood but small enough to make them feel guilty.

If your family, friends, or lover is not on their strict diet, get them the bigger portion of chocolate!

Red Velvet

Red velvet is one of the most popular cakes in the world. Its worldwide popularity comes with many reasons, and of course, red velvet becomes everyone’s favorite.

Red velvet’s color will trigger psychological effects to make someone feel passionate and energized. After a long and rough day, red velvet will help them to regain their energy back and bring warmth to the recipients.

Vegan Choco Coconut

To save you from the confusion of choosing a cake for a vegan, The Sweet Escape recommends you to choose Vegan Choco Coconut!

While chocolate will boost their mood, coconut will relieve the stress that they are experiencing. It is because coconut contains a special fat called medium-chain triglycerides.

The cake will bring the best combination for someone who wants to lift their mood and rest after a long day!

Customized Cake

The best cake that you can give to someone is their favorite cake!

After knowing them for so long (of course, you consider them as your special person, after all), it is necessary for you to pay attention to the smallest detail of their favorite cake.

They might love a chocolate cake that’s not too sweet or too bitter. Some of them might have certain criteria about the cheesecake that they like.

The Sweet Escape is ready to create your customized cake for the special person of yours. Let us know the details and let’s see if we can boost their mood and make their day better!

Cakes have magical effects to make everyone feel better. 

Who comes to your mind when you read the words, ‘Special Person’? We want you to know that you, as a person, are also special. You can treat yourself better through the cake that you want to taste!