Food Ideas to Light Up Your Beach Picnic

After all of this pandemic stress and extreme weather, finally, we are a step closer to the day when we can have quality time with our friends through a simple picnic at the beach. But going to a picnic without bringing something that you can share with your friends feels so wrong in many ways. What’s the fun of going to a picnic and having nothing to munch? Besides, you might feel confused about what kind of food that you have to bring for a beach picnic. You have to consider that you will be facing the sands that flew with the wind at the beach. Therefore, cakes might be not suitable for your beach picnic agenda. To help you on deciding the kind of food that you have to bring for your picnic, The Sweet Escape comes up with these ideas!

Picnic Finger Food – The Vegetarian Sausage Rolls

Vegetarian sausage rolls will bring joy to your friends who are not even vegan. 

With the right recipe that you can find anywhere around the internet (and a little bit of special touch from you to make it unique), you’ve created a dish that you can share with everyone in your beach picnic agenda.

You can make many varieties of sausage rolls if necessary. Its simple form will make it easy for everyone to enjoy your cooking while chatting.

Portable Snacks

Discover numerous snacks that you can enjoy during your picnic day with your friends.  Our recommendation of portable snacks are falafel sandwich, beef roll, and falafel sandwich vegan if any of your friends is a vegan. No need to worry if you don’t have enough time to make portable snacks. The Sweet Escape is the best place where you can find your favorite snacks for your beach picnic. Our store is located less than 10 minutes from the beach!

Fresh Drinks

After having all of those dry snacks, you’d want to wash them down with a fresh drink. Perhaps, you will find yourself looking for a coconut. But, have you ever tried drinking lemon squash while chilling at the beach? You can even create your own beverage according to everyone’s preference! Try and explore more recipes and find the perfect drink for everyone. Prepare to reward yourself after the long and stressful days! The Sweet Escape is here to help you.